How to Create a Vision Board

How To Create a Vision Board

The law of attraction is an amazing way that you can take control of your life and bring into it what you want to have or to see happen. What you think, feel, and believe all have an underlying energy. 

This energy gets projected out into the universe. Even if that energy isn’t a positive one, it will still flow out into the universe. It’s so vital that you try very hard to keep your energy positive. 

Because what you put out from you into the universe is what you get back. Negativity energy out really does cause negative things to flow toward you and you certainly don’t want that. 

A vision board - some people refer to these boards as a map of life or a Law of Attraction collage - is a board where you put pictures, words and quotes that you’ve found. 

What's Inside?

  • What Is a Vision Board?
  • Styles for a Vision Board
  • Supplies You’ll Need for Your Vision Board
  • Putting Your Vision Board Together
  • The Career Section of Your Vision Board
  • Use the Board to Help You Attract the Right Relationships


  • Manifest Money with a Vision Board
  • Education and the Law of Attraction
  • Health and the Law of Attraction Vision Board
  • Adventures, Vacation or Travel Vision Board
  • Creating a Spirituality Vision Board
  • Updating Your Vision Board Over Time  
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