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Ask yourself, when you reflect upon your life, what do you want to say? If you are like most people and want to say, "my life is amazing," that you feel delighted, realizing all your dreams, then get prepared because what we will share with you in this program will ensure that your life will be unique with just a little fine-tuning. Whether your desire is financial freedom, better health, a new home, meet your soulmate, travel, live more purposefully, have more time freedom. Whatever your big dreams are, the information in our program will provide you with the key to making them happen.


Sadly, most people reach the end of their lifetime saying, "I wish I had done this, "I wish I had done that." Research has shown that terminally ill people regret they did not dare to go after their most heartfelt dreams or that they did not dare to live life on their terms. Instead, they left their dreams behind. We wish we could have shared with them what we are going to share with you here in our Personal Breakthrough Mastermind. We will not allow that to happen to you because we will give you the awareness to unlock the door to living an extraordinary life.

Imagine being able to have the life you genuinely want to live,
being able to manifest whatever you want quickly, and having a life that feels amazing.

  • Financial Freedom
  • Win a Promotion
  • Start or Expand a Business
  • Travel More
  • Positive Self-Image
  • Find Your Soulmate
  • Achieve Your Perfect Weight
  • Improved Your Health

Here is the key. We refer to it as Abundance Tuning, and it is the answer to making manifesting your desires easy and straightforward. Suppose you have been struggling, stressed out, and frustrated by trying so hard to make positive changes in your life. In that case, We understand because we have been there as well, but manifesting that amazing life you desire can become more accessible by leveraging the power of Abundance Tuning. Once you have gained a proper understanding and awareness of the information here in our program, you can start attracting miracles into your life.


Would you like to quit your day job forever and be more prosperous in a career you love? Would you like to purchase your dream home? Connect with your soulmate or be in the best shape of your life? Here is the best question, would you like to live a life of no regrets, a life of your design, knowing that you left nothing unfinished? No matter where you are in life, no matter your starting point, I know the information presented herein these pages will work for you, just as it already has for me and countless others.


If you have not yet had things work out the way you want in your life, and you have tried everything, do not despair; you are not alone. There is a solution that will allow you to create exactly the life you want, and we will share it with you in our Personal Breakthrough Mastermind.

Money, career, opportunities, resources, time, new friends, and connections are all possibilities. Abundance Tuning transforms your vibrational state so that the Universe essentially finds you. When you know how to harness the power of Abundance Tuning, you will easily design your own life and on your terms. You will be a manifestation master.

You must give up on the idea that hard work, struggle, and effort are the answer. I realize it may feel uncomfortable because we are conditioned to believe that we will eventually get there if we work hard enough. I lived that paradigm for years and believe me when I say it does not work.

So how do you make the shift from working so hard to sitting back and allowing the Universe to guide you toward everything you have always dreamed of? Most experts will tell you that manifesting is all about positive thinking, visualizing, or acting as if you already have what you want right now. Sure, they have their place, but their impact is a tiny part of a much bigger picture. But it all boils down to one straightforward yet vital truth: you must learn to speak the language of the Universe, and that language is the language of energetic vibrations.

You are communicating with the Universe right now with your thoughts, your actions, and your energy. Everything in the Universe is in a state of permanent vibration, including you. That vibrational energy attracts like energy. That is simple physics, which makes your mind an energetic broadcasting system that never stops. It is like a loudspeaker that shouts spirited commands to the Universe, and the Universe will respond in like energy whether you realize it or not. If you are stuck in a cycle of hard work, struggle, and desperation, that suggests your active loudspeaker asks for more of the same, and the Universe will respond in equal measure to the messages you are sending. Like attracts like, keeping you stuck in a never-ending loop of an unfulfilled life.

If you are serious about change, then it is time to re-tune your vibration so that you are on the same vibration to the abundance available to you from the Universe.

The higher your vibration, the better; that is why many of the wealthy, happy, abundant people you see out there seem to glide through life because, unlike most people, their energetic loudspeakers are set to high. They supercharge their ability to attract more of what they want without more effort. The answer is knowing how to set your loudspeakers to a higher vibration where you are sending out the right kinds of messages, messages that allow you to manifest quickly and effectively, just like all those other people you used to envy.

You are unlikely to reach success by following the same old manifesting advice you see everywhere else. Now is the time to raise your energetic vibration so that your loudspeaker is set on autopilot broadcasting the right energetic messages. A message so that no matter where you are, what you are doing, how you are feeling, you will always be broadcasting a powerful, irresistible, magnetic vibration. This vibration acts as a forceful magnet that draws all your desires right to you. That is the incredible power of Abundance Tuning, and it is the secret psychological process that raises your energetic vibration for you. It is the missing link to making the law of attraction work for you. Why? When you use Abundance Tuning's power, you will be on the same vibrational frequency as the Universe; you speak its language. When you broadcast on the right frequency, the Universe will respond in like energy for a massive transformation.

When you understand how to tap into the most significant power and abundance source in the Universe, your manifestation abilities will be unlimited and never-ending.

With the proper understanding and awareness of the material we are presenting in this Personal Breakthrough Mastermind, your mind will become an unstoppable abundance magnet, allowing you to achieve goals that you may have never thought were possible in the past.

Our Personal Breakthrough Mastermind program will guide you and assist you in changing your circumstances rapidly. To create a truly abundant life, you must be willing to let go of your current circumstances. You must become aware of the vibration you are emitting out into the vast Universe and learn to be consistent. Be consistent with your preferred state of being, regardless of what you see, because it is what you feel right now, your vibration that will cause an attraction into your life, good or bad.

Be focused on what you want to see. See only your preference! As soon as you can prioritize that vision in your life, the sooner you will gain the wisdom needed to fulfill your dreams and desires.

Ask yourself, "what am I sending out into creation, into my reality?", "what would I like that to manifest?"

If you are always in an imaginative, creative state, you will attract to yourself all you desire much more rapidly than you may have realized.

What excites you the most? Take a moment and close your eyes and imagine. Those glimpses of what will be will cause a sensation within, confirming you are on the right track. It is like a wave of love has come over you; that is the state of being we are supposed to be in all the time. Do not stop planting new seeds of desires and dreams. It may take some practice as you can only think of one or two things at a time, but we promise you, as you kick-start this, you will react and innovate more and more of your passion.

The more you are tuned in, the more you will receive newer and higher vibrations. Your higher vibrations will cause your desire to express itself in every way possible.  Your body, mind, circumstances, life, finances, and resources all receive from the Source everything necessary to make your dreams come true.

Be open to receiving a greater flow of frequency, a more incredible amount of abundance, a more significant number of dreams fulfilled, and all that openness will manifest through the consciousness that we call you (I am). When you are opening to your passion, you are opening to your desire. Be consistent in generating new seeds of consciousness, new ideas, new imagination.


Understand that the physical presence is always the past. Do not focus on what is. What is reflects what was. If you focus on what is, you are in the past. Create something exciting, generate something new, always be in that future presence.

You can master your state of being at any given moment. Vibrationally, energetically, and spiritually, it is up to you. You have free will. You can choose your thoughts. Choose to be in the vibrational state of an exciting future presence with your consciousness.


Generate a joyous state of being by visualizing images of your desires to come, become present to the nature of consciousness. Become present to the knowledge that you exist right here, right now.

Your vibratory state will tune into a vast consciousness. Remember that you are creating with every thought and that you are one with all that is. You have access to infinite abundance. Live your passion. You are infinitely worthy of being you in whatever way you desire to be.

As you move through our Personal Breakthrough Mastermind, know that you will run into resistance from your conditioned beliefs, but through the advanced information found in this program, you will find the guidance to a fulfilling and abundant life.


Change can be the most challenging journey someone can embark on,


Karin Gatternig
Certified Personal Breakthrough Coach

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